Jordan's Closet Preemie Collection

The founder and CEO, Jaye Mosby, Esq, became a NICU Angel Mom when her premature son, Jordan, was born at 26 weeks and gained his wings at five weeks. In addition to the physical, mental, and emotional toll of being a NICU mom, Jaye also experienced the frustration of seeing Jordan connected to wires and without proper clothing. Understanding the sensitivity of a preemie’s skin, Jaye looked forward to the moment Jordan could regulate his body temperature and begin wearing the “cute little outfits” all parents anticipate putting on their newborn child. However, there were no such preemie-sized “cute clothes” available in Memphis that would allow the medical staff to still conveniently access the many medical wires attached to Jordan.

After the passing of Jordan and in her efforts to realize her dream of becoming a mother,  Jaye struggled with IVF, infertility, and numerous miscarriages. In 2013,  and after 13 weeks on mandatory bedrest, she birthed her miracle baby, Emerson; and in 2021, she birthed her boys’ clothing boutique, EmHerSon Boytique.  EmHerSon Boytique specializes in clothing for boys from ages preemie to pre-teen and has as its primary collection, Jordan’s Closet Preemie Collection. EmHerSon Boytique was formed out of Jaye’s determination to find purpose in the passing of Jordan, and her frustration in finding nice, fashionable clothes for Emerson. Due to Jordan’s Closet’s commitment to providing preemie clothing for lower-income families, and the underwhelming support for NICU mothers nationwide, her non-profit, Beyond the Medical Practice, was formed in 2022. 

Jaye has practiced labor/employment law for 23 years, in which she has successfully defended entities against discrimination claims brought against employees.   During her pregnancy with Emerson, Jaye requested an ADAAA accommodation from her employer. Despite advising them on this same matter for over nine years at the time, her employer denied her accommodation request. While recovering from the birth of Emerson, Jaye subsequently sued her employer for pregnancy-related disability discrimination. After a litigious battle, all while becoming a new mother and continuously defending this same employer in similar matters, Jaye won each stage of litigation, ending in her final victory before the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals. Having endured and successfully won a pregnancy-related disability discrimination case against the largest 3-service municipal utility company in the United States, prepares Jaye to help other women advocate for their employment rights related to maternal care.