About Us


In 2005, Jaye was overjoyed to become a first-time mother. One of her first tasks of completion was her son’s closet. “I shopped a lot as soon as I learned my baby’s gender,” says Jaye, “his closet was finished in no time.” Jordan was born weighing just 1 pound and 11 ounces and his life ended at just 5 weeks old. Although she completed his wardrobe before his arrival, he was only able to wear a few pieces due to his size. “I love fashion and I wanted my baby to be a reflection of me,” says Jaye excitedly, “fashion is a clear indicator of my personality and allows for self-expression.”

During her first pregnancy and upon giving birth she noticed both the lack of diversity and availability of apparel and accessories for boys in comparison to girls in addition to the lack of options available for preterm babies. She asserts that this resulted in her becoming frustrated and even sadder while she was caring for her baby as he fought for his life. “New moms love dressing their babies and when it comes to preterm babies, not everything is NICU approved,” says Jaye, “for me, this was a constant reminder of my baby’s struggles and this remains a huge source of fuel for me to shed light on this issue in the community.”

Between 2005 and 2013 she lost a set of twins, one at 3 months and the other about 3 weeks later, and then suffered the loss of a single birth a few years later. In 2013 Jaye received yet another chance at becoming a boy mom and gave birth to Emerson. In 2021, she gave birth to EmHerSon Boytique.

EmHerSon Boytique, tastefully adorning young kings from crayons to crowns, carries apparel, shoes, and accessories for preemie to preteen boys. With sizing varying for preterm babies, Jaye is sure to provide clothing for micro-preemie children as small as 11 ounces in addition to burial apparel. “The sad reality is that your child may need apparel to be buried in, and I aim to support families in preparing their babies to rest in the best way possible for them,” says Jaye.

With preterm birth remaining a global issue, Jaye is fully dedicated to raising awareness, supporting families, and reminding families to find and hold on to their light at the end of the tunnel. Over the next several months,Jaye will continue donating clothing to NICU units, add new inventory for the fall to the boytique, host a series of pop-ups, style boys whose sizes she doesn’t carry and continue spreading awareness about both preterm birth and her boytique through a series of appearances.

Shopping is available online at www.emhersonboytique.com or The Village Retail in Ponce City Market at 675 Ponce De Leon Ave NE Suite 225, Atlanta, GA 30308, Monday - Wednesday from 11a - 8p, Thursday - Saturday from 11a - 9p, and Sunday 11a - 7p. 

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